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Restore a Tractor, Preserve a Memory

Great article from my friends at about our Farmall 560 project.

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Farmall560 This is the story of a restored Farmall 560 and the story that makes it all worthwhile.

Chad Colby grew up using 560s on their farm. In fact, there isn’t a time that he can think of that he used anything besides a 560. Which brings us to the 560 we’ll be telling you about today.

colby560Purchased in 1984, this Tractor was not in the best shape due to being kept outside, so it was given a nice new coat of paint. Fast forward 26 years and all of the wear and tear that goes along with it and you get a Tractor that needs some restoring.

This restoration all came about when Chad and his father, Dan, decided to attend the Heritage Tractor Drive in Hennepin, Illinois. This sparked the desire to get the 560 restoration going. Unfortunately, Dan passed away unexpectedly in July of that year.

The restoration…

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