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Recent information regarding the American Soybean Association and FAA about UAV #colbuas

Thanks to Matt Hughes for this information.

Below are resolutions just adopted by the Illinois Soybean Association that will be carried forth to the American Soybean Association at Commodity Classic. Much of the second resolution was adopted from language passed earlier by the Farm Bureau.

2.7.05 ASA encourages the Federal Aviation Administration to meet their September 2015 deadline for providing reasonable regulations for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in production agriculture. Further, these regulations should not encumber the adoption or use of this valuable technology in production agriculture.

2.18.03 ASA realizes that production data such as field maps, soil test, production records, images, and input records have monetary value. ASA believes this information gathered by GPS, GIS, or other precision farming practices remain the sole property of the owner and/or operator, or their agent, based on their respective investment, regardless if the data collection was voluntary or involuntary. This information should not be used, released or sold without consent.
We support:
• Efforts to better educate farmers and ranchers regarding new technology or equipment that may receive, record, and/or transmit their farming and production data;
• Requiring companies that are collecting, storing, and analyzing proprietary data to provide full disclosure of their intended use of the data;
• Formation of standardized protocols regarding privacy and terms of conditions to ensure a standard definition of all components within the contract. We should be an active participant in developing these protocols;
• Compensation to farmers whose proprietary data is shared with third parties that offer products, services or analyses benefiting from that data;
• Multiple participation options being included in all contracts;
• All proprietary information between the farmer and the company remaining between the two entities. This would not preclude a farmer from sharing data with whomever he/she chooses (e.g., a consultant);
• Utilizing all safeguards to ensure proprietary data is stored at an entity that is not subject to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request;
• The farmer’s right to enter into agreement and their rights to sell their proprietary data to another producer (e.g., in a land sale);
• Private companies entering into agreements which would allow for the compatibility/updating of equipment and updating of software;
• The right of a farmer to have access to their own data, regardless of when it was shared with a company; and
• The right of the producer who no longer wishes to participate in aggregated data sharing with a private company, to remove their past aggregated data from the company’s database and revoke that company’s ability to sell or use that data in the future.

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