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US Military to spend $23.9 billion on drones and unmanned systems

This answers the question of WHY technology for Unmanned Aerial Systems is on the rise. WOW #colbyuas


In late December the US Department of Defense releases its biannual Unmanned Systems Integrated Roadmap which: “will be critical to U.S. operations in all domains across a range of conflicts, both because of their capability and performance advantages and because of their ability to take greater risk than manned systems.”

As unmanned systems have proven their worth on the ‘battlefield,’ the DoD has allocated an increasing percentage of its budget to developing and acquiring these systems. As the roadmap indicates Unmanned systems have proven they can:

“Enhance situational awareness, reduce human workload, improve mission performance, and minimize overall risk to both civilian and military personnel, and all at a reduce cost.”

With dramatic increases in battery life and computer processing, robotics; reduction in size and complexity of sensors; and improvements in reliability, maintainability, automation, and operator interfaces, unmanned systems are now vital components of the military’s operational commander’s tool kit.

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