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What do cows eat?

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The Adventures of Dairy Carrie... I think I Need a Drink!

Last year I made a little survey that I sent out to friends who sent it to their friends and so on, until I had well over 200 responses from folks of all walks of life and from all over the country. I wanted to know how people outside of the bubble of agriculture really feel about food and farming. So I asked… Do you buy organic? Do you have concerns about how your food is produced? ect. The last question I asked was “What ingredients make up cow feed?”, I asked this because I had been hearing some really interesting ideas about what goes into breakfast for cows. The responses were interesting and varied. I was happy to see that many had a pretty good idea of what cows eat. But there were also several people who thought we fed lots of corn to our cows or fed our cow, dead…

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