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Fastline Study: 25% of Large Acre Farmers Using Social Media During Operations

Do you use social media on your farming operation?

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A recent mobile device survey of a select group of Fastline’s email database of over 177,000 Farmers found that almost 25 percent of 1000+ acre farmers are using while on farm equipment. Additionally, the study found that 48.8 percent are conducting equipment research while using equipment.

The top two uses of a smart phone by the surveyed audience were talking on the phone(74.62%) and weather(73.08%).


This survey was conducted from July 3 until Aug. 6, 2013. These survey results represent a confidence level of 95 percent at a 5 percent margin of error.

As of the time of the report, Fastline’s Facebook and other social media efforts reach nearly 100,000 people in the agriculture community and continues to grow daily. Agriculture companies can tap into these qualified audiences through participation in Fastline’s featured item program that promotes specific items and announcements to social media audiences as an added value service.

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