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Technology Race Is On You know! Beware Though

As we all know just before the biggest Internet shopping day of the year, Amazon caused a large wave in the Unmanned Aerial System industry.  They showed a system to deliver package via Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) on CBS program 60 minutes.   Honestly in my opinion, not sure at all why CBS even aired this program.   Like always someone will take new technology too far and this is one of those times.


Amazon’s use is not practical application, period.  It must have been a slow media day, because our media outlets ran with this story.  No question the public was NOT in favor of this and either am I.    Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) primary function is air space safety and clearly this will not be allowed.   Yes it was a VERY cleaver marketing move, no question about it.  But the public opinion of Amazon delivering packages was NOT a good move for the future of UAS industry.   Would be great if all those media outlets sharing the advantage of UAS in Agriculture Industry.


Over the past six weeks I have had the pleasure to meet growers all over midwest discussing the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems on farming operations.  We talk about using these systems from a practical standpoint.  This new technology is changing SO fast right now, it’s important to understand the practical uses. Growers are very excited about this new technology.   It’s also very important to understand the current restrictions from the FAA to the safe use of UAS.

Fact is agriculture is the big winner with Unmanned Aerial Systems provided it remains properly regulated and done safely.  So much more coming… stay tuned.

What new technology will you integrate on your farming operation?

Expanded use of tablets?


Google Glass?



One thought on “Technology Race Is On You know! Beware Though

  1. Why isn’t UAS delivery a plausible idea? Yes, there would be kinks and regulatory issues, but that comes with any technology.

    Posted by cdmiller07 | December 23, 2013, 9:05 pm

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