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1st Unmanned Aerial Systems Class a huge success! Day 23/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog #ColbyUAS

Over 20 agriculture professionals from IL, IA, IN & KS attended the first UAS systems class in Bloomington IL. We discussed many of the issues regarding the future use of Unmanned Aerial Systems on our farming operations.

Topics we discussed:
– Rapid Growth of Technology
– Public Opinion
– Economic Impacts
– FAA Regulations
– Benefits to Agriculture
– Imagery Options
– Current UAS Technologies
– Tips/Tricks & How to get started.
– Actual Flight Demos

Many attendees are active Twitter users, search hashtag #ColbyUAS for comments about the program.


(Hope I got everyone!)

Quote from one of the attendees
“Just wanted to say thank you for taking of your time and energy to share with us a great amount of relevant info on UAS today. You have a natural gift to keep it interesting and relevant. Sharing in someone’s passion is always fun especially when it has economic value. Let’s stay in touch as you work through some of the IR results this spring.

Thanks a million.”

Photos below are from attendees.

We just opened our final class of the year. See below Sat Dec 14th.   (updated 11/25,  1:43cst)

20131124-170456.jpg 20131124-164536.jpg 20131124-164514.jpg 20131124-164543.jpg 20131124-170809.jpg

20131124-170804.jpg20131124-164550.jpg 20131124-164530.jpg 20131124-164521.jpg 20131123-220847.jpg IMG_1527 20131122-224904.jpg

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One thought on “1st Unmanned Aerial Systems Class a huge success! Day 23/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog #ColbyUAS

  1. Definitely interested but can’t travel that week. Would be willing to pay if webinar was available.

    Posted by Stuart Samson | November 29, 2013, 5:26 pm

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