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What’s your favorite John Deere Tractor? Day 21/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

What is your favorite John Deere tractor??

DSC_9239 DSC_9320

DSC_9321 DSC_9323 DSC_9325 DSC_9326 DSC_9327

IMG_1069 IMG_3418 377431872 3332615088 IMG_3609  bf01d8f3-fd82-4d28-84d2-eef24fc582e8-1 DSC_9234 db060abd-f5a0-4c20-9f79-b82c46a2a8f9 bc07395c-46da-4cf5-970b-4b3aa23b35fe DSC_3446 DSC_3479 219775_200709346632149_182573025112448_448365_5111673_o IMG_3259 IMG_2960 IMG_5624 IMG_5771 IMG_5770 209699_197327600303657_182573025112448_430040_3881262_o



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