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John Deere recently introduced two new self-propelled sprayers for 2014, direct replacements for the 4730 and 4830 models.   They new machines are completely redone from the ground up.

Now these machines are available with 120′ booms and dry boxes.



The new cab is amazing….

IMG_6042 IMG_6041


Link to cab video

IMG_6054 IMG_6039 IMG_6040


From John

Plumbing efficiencies lead to increased application rates, additional versatility as well as faster loading times

The John Deere 4 Series Sprayers have been designed to address the trend toward increased application rates and the desire for improved loading efficiencies. In fact, the R4030 and R4038 offer the most efficient liquid fertilizer application systems and the fastest loading times that John Deere has ever offered on this size of sprayers to date.

The solution system has been redesigned from the ground up to streamline plumbing for maximum efficiency and flow rate. The standard-flow system (standard solution pump and single flow meter) delivers 30 percent higher flow rates than previous models, delivering up to 170 gal. of output per minute. The optional high-flow system, only offered on the R4038, comes complete with a high-flow pump and dual-flow meters, delivers up to a 60 percent increase from previous models, equating to approximately 225 gal. of output per minute.

Additionally, load times using the on-board solution pump are up to 30 percent faster. This means operators can get back into the field sooner and spend less time filling. These improvements to the plumbing system all link to enhanced versatility and productivity for operators as they strive to increase the effectiveness of their application passes and drive towards increased yields year over year.




We had a chance to run these, and wow they really we built.  Everyone was very impressed with all the changes.

Check out this video clip to learn more


Learn about more technology from John

Direct Injection

Direct Injection

Inject chemicals directly into the solution system to achieve faster loading times without mixing chemicals.


Load Command™ System

Load Command™ System

Cut your loading time by as much as 80%. By adding Load Command to your 4940 Sprayer, you can load a 1,200-gallon spray tank as fast as three minutes.

View Load Command video

  • John Deere Mobile Weather
  • John Deere Mobile Weather

    Capture instantaneous, field-specific weather information directly from your sprayer cab. With John Deere Mobile Weather, you can make on-the-go application decisions and improve recordkeeping by documenting weather conditions during application.

    Find out more

  • What Is Technozzlegy?What Is Technozzlegy?

    John Deere is redefining sprayer performance and accuracy. A concept so advanced, we’re calling it Technozzlegy, the next generation in a long line of John Deere nozzles, pumps and accessories.

    View our line of nozzles


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