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How does your farm do with technology? Day 14/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

How does your farm do with technology? 

New technology always brings some challenges on the farm.  Equipment companies and suppliers continue to add new fancy features to our farming operations.  Often these “new” features make the machinery more difficult to use for some operators.   This even includes people who have been around farm machinery their whole lives.  You ask why 10 year old machinery still brings a good resale price?  One reason is they have less technology which makes them easier to run in most cases.  When I was growing up on our farm it was much easier for dad to just ask me for help.  Believe me, today that is even more of the case.

How do you handle technology on your farm?  The technology side of a standard farming practice like spraying, planting & harvesting are very dependent on the proper use of technologies.   Gone are the days of mechanical operation of these jobs on the typical farming operation.    What will the future be like??

This video courtesy of Cross Implement  gives a possible look into a future farming operation.   Fact is, owners today require more performance from their equipment.  To accomplish this they will need to train the operator to run this machinery as efficiently as possible.  Did you know new tractors today are much more efficient that just than tractors just 5 years ago.   Another growing trend will be less owner/operators actually running this equipment.  Farm owners will be too busy managing the operation.    Equipment manufactures due realize this and are working hard to adopt new training methods to help machine operators get the best of their high dollar machinery.

No question each farming operation will have to do this on their own.   Gone are the days when you just pulled out the planter or combine the week before we went to the field.  Many equipment dealerships and making a priority to offer services to help the farmer get ready for spring/fall.

Make sure when you buy this new iron you take the time to learn how to correctly operate it.  And most importantly if you don’t know, get some help!  Even if you have to hire someone 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How does your farm do with technology? Day 14/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

  1. My family farms with older equipment, partially because it is not a large farming operation and partly because they like the be able to work on machinery themselves. They feel the same way about vehicles haha. That does seem to be an ever progressing trend, the newer the vehicle or equipment, the harder it is to work on.

    Posted by cdmiller07 | November 15, 2013, 3:38 pm

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