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Tablets where did they come from? Day 13/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

What were you doing 4 years ago?  What vehicle did you drive?

Did you know that iPad wasn’t even in our lives just 4 short years ago?   Just look at the rapid growth of this product, it’s hard to even imagine until you see the actual numbers.

  • 2010 April 5  300,000
  • April 8  450,000
  • May 3  1 Million
  • May 31  2 Million
  • July 21  3.27 Million
  • Sept  7.5 Million
  • 2011 Jan  14.8 Million
  • March   19 Million
  • June  25 Million
  • Oct   32 Million
  • 2012 Jan  50 Million
  • April  67 Million
  • Sept  84 Million
  • 2013 October  170 Million Total Units Sold.

As my wife would tell you, I just love all this new technology.  Yes I have purchased the latest iPad ever since they have been released.  The resale on the used ones is very strong also which helps.  My last one was the iPad 4 w/ Retina Display, 64gb, wi-fi + 4g, cellular Verizon. It came out back in Feb of 2013 and was a very good machine.  But like most technology we are always wanting more, and I found myself always having it full of data.   The iPad works great to download video clips from my GoPro from the Unmanned Aerial Systems I fly.   Farmers really like to see the footage directly after a flight.  And you can ask my wife, I don’t play any games on them either 🙂  No angry birds for me.

So lets talk about the New iPad Air, all I can say is wow where did this come from?  I don’t believe the industry was really prepared for this.  The increase in performance is amazing, now just 1lb and it’s 28% lighter, 20% thinner and 24% less volume than my old one.  Oh wait, forgot to mention it now has twice the CPU speed and graphics performance.   With 10 hrs of battery life, it just ROCKS plan and simple.

Samsung on the left, iPad Air on the right

Only issue I have is the price, wow a New Apple iPad Air w/ 128gb, wi-fi & cellular will cost you over $1000.  At that price you can buy nearly any notebook including apple.    You must have a need for a tablet to justify it.

That being said, this new tablet is SUPER powerful and with 128gb it has plenty of storage for all the necessary apps and video work I do.  I actually made the entire invite for my Unmanned Aerial Systems class on the tablet, seriously the whole thing.   Apple does include it’s own software (no charge either) like Page (word), Number (excel) & Keynote (powerpoint) at no charge and they work just fine with the Microsoft files.

For the record, I did buy Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition a month ago.   I just had to try it and honestly after I got my new iPad Air,  I just returned it.  It’s just not in the same league as iPad.  Don’t get me wrong there are some great tablets for $200-400 that just ROCK.   But for my use I need the big guy.

Can you imagine what will be here in 4 more years,  can’t wait!  sign me up.



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