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Unmanned Aerial Systems Class. Day 10/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

One of the hot topics in agricultural right now is the upcoming use of Unmanned Aerial Systems.   Every Ag Publication you read lately has featured this technology.   Why you ask?   One of the biggest segments to benefit from this technology is the Ag Industry.

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Did you know….

“Saving farmers 1% on inputs like nitrogen & herbicides and increase yields by 1%, that alone is a multi-billion dollar industry”

These Unmanned Aerial System are just that.  Just the agriculture economic benefit alone is $2.2B to our economy according to the Association for Unmanned Vehicles & Systems International report in March of 2013.

Short list of benefits are:

  • Improved data collection about plants, soils & growing conditions.
  • Costs savings due to greater precision of inputs & reduced labor
  • Increased asset management
  • More timely decision making
  • Better ability to monitor plant and livestock health.

In the past year I have been involved with many people in this industry and have completed lots of research on the topic. Over the next few weeks I will share more information regarding the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems and the technology that goes with it.


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