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So you want to fly Unmanned Aerial Systems? Day 11/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

So do you want to fly Unmanned Aerial Systems on your farming operation?  The most asked questions is how do I get started?   We will cover this topic in depth and many others in the training class. The first step is getting the right ship.   Yes, I realize there are many options on the market and more being added almost daily.  Some reasonable, some more expensive and needing more advanced skills.  I personally don’t believe it would be smart to teach our daughter how to drive in a new Porsche when she turns 16.   The same thing applies with Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Flying these systems isn’t “difficult” but it does require some actual flight planning and understanding of the technology.   When problems occur, the reason nearly always comes down to operator error.  Most all systems today are fully stabilized and GPS guided, even on beginner systems.   It’s a must have feature, the ship records the starting point and flies with onboard stabilization.    Get into trouble, the ship will return to its starting point with a flip of a switch.

Another important lesson is to do your homework first and buy your UAV from people who truly know their stuff, not necessarily a hobby store.   My first ship I bought on ebay, and I learned the hard way it would be nice to get some support from an “expert”.  After few months of research I selected Aerial Media Pros. Why? They test fly all the ships before you receive them, and most importantly they have experience. Aerial Media Pros has been flying ships with cameras in the movie industry for over 10 yrs.  If you are in the market they also build ships well over $50K if you need some big iron 🙂

Great starting ship is the Phantom from DJI

Best part of the Phantom is that it is the starting point of this technology. You can add SO much more to this ship as you advance your skills.  Need or more importantly WANT more? You can easily add live video feed and an active gimbal to stabilize the GoPro camera.  You can learn the basics with this ship under $500.   You don’t want to make an operator error with ships that cost $8-15K.


Ship on the right (white) is the Phantom

Where do you go from there?  Honestly it totally depends on your mission.   This technology is changing weekly.   Most recently there has been some improvements in battery performance, which is very important.  Also the GoPro camera we use has had a major increase in performance in the last month.

Come learn about this technology and how is can help your farming operation, class is schedule for Nov 23rd in Bloomington IL.  Advanced registration is required. Nov 23rd class is FULL, next is Dec 6th

UPDATED 11/16:  We will show/fly the new Phantom Vision just released! 



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2 thoughts on “So you want to fly Unmanned Aerial Systems? Day 11/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

  1. looking forward to it. Also interested in what all capabilities and uses for the systems are.
    Nice blog too.

    Posted by Judi Graff (@farmnwife) | November 12, 2013, 5:28 pm
  2. Thanks Judi, looking forward to sharing all kinds of fun stuff about this new technology. Best part is 3/4 of the group in on Twitter!

    Posted by agtechtalk | November 12, 2013, 6:07 pm

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