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Ever restore a part of history? Day 9/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

My Farmall 560 “story”.

It started with our family’s 560 that dad purchased 1984 (I believe).  We got rid of a non 2pt 560 and upgraded to this one. It’s always been VERY well maintained, kept inside, etc.

Yep that's me in approx 1983

Yep that’s me in approx 1983

Tractor wasn’t kept inside before we bought it, so in 1985 we repainted it. I do remember taking this tractor to shop class in high school & to do few little things on it that were needed.  Check out the rear of the tractor, notice the two lights? Our neighbor had 460 that had light on the rear that he never used. He gave me the housing, so I added it to mine. Cool I know… Ha Ha.


Personally I have done about everything you can do on the farm on this tractor…. planted corn (for several years we had one 20 acre field we couldn’t get to with the big iron), grinded feed, hauled manure, disked (helped a small farmer in high school who had a disk I could use), LOTS of mowing/raking of hay….. and it’s major job when our farming operation was in full swing, we had a big auger always hooked to it. We even had a front hitch so we could pull it with pickups.

Fast forward to present

In June of 2010 my dad and I attended Heritage Tractor Drive in Hennepin, IL…. after that we decided it was time to seriously re-do our 560. Dad had retired from farming, but was still helping every spring & fall with the guys who farmed his former land. Sad part is in July 2010 he passed away unexpected from a heart attack.

So on July 4th 2011 we started the 560 project… it began as just a simple restoration. BUT oh my did that change.   My friends and I attended the Half Century of Progress Farm Show in Rantoul, IL that summer and then we decided we were going to make this tractor special!

The original goal was to have it at our wedding, Sept of 2011 but once we started on this project we knew it was going to take longer because of the level quality we wanted.  It’s important to know that everything did work on this tractor when we started this project.

So what does that mean, here’s the short list:

  • All sheet metal removed and “worked” to make much better than NEW.
  • Professional grade paint / painters
  • Rebuilt generator & starter
  • Replaced ALL factory electrical including the wiring harness and everything is NEW in ignition (coil, dest, plugs, wires, etc).
  • All hoses are NEW, including water and ALL hydraulic lines.
  • Tractor had recent engine rebuild, but we did send the head off to get reworked.
  • Rebuilt carb
  • Radiator cleaned & new mounts
  • New hood hardware
  • Replaced clutch shaft the brakes mount on.
  • Rebuilt PTO lever
  • Original rims, sandblasted & power coated.
  • Manifolds & muffler were ceramic coated.
  • Front & rear outside weights were sandblasted and “worked”.
  • Many parts removed and blasted.
  • That’s the short list, there was a LOT more to than that.

Special thanks to Aaron, Mike & Chad for the help on the project.  Wouldn’t have happened without them.

This past summer we took it to The Heritage Tractor Adventure and had a great time!

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.33.23 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.33.44 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.33.07 PM

We were also honored to be the featured tractor on the 2013 Bureau County Tractor Trek 🙂  Agri-News did a great write-up before the tractor drive.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 6.29.43 PM DSC_9676 IMG_2586 IMG_2593 IMG_2721


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