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History of Combines. Day 7/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

No question that the two most important pieces of machinery on any farming operation are the planter and combine.   Both machines are vital in the process of farming, and will always be.  In 1927 John Deere produced the 1st combine called the “No 2”.   These early combines were not self-propelled, they were pulled with a tractor.

John Deere’s 1st self-propelled combine (had it’s own engine to operate it) was the Model 55 in 1947.  It advanced quickly with attachable corn head, which allowed operators to harvest crops in one step, with one machine.


John Deere 55 Combine

See 30 more photos, click photo above.

Compare that machine to the performance of today’s S-Series combine and what the Model 55 could do in a day, we can now do in an hour.   The combine above is a fully restored John Deere Model 55 from Cross Implement in Minier IL.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 2.33.48 PM

“I harvest 1459 bushels of corn in 7 1/2hrs”

New John Deere S-Series combine’s today are the most advance machines ever.  The technology in these machines allows operators to make nearly all adjustments from inside the cab with a touch of a button.   They are equipped with all the latest in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to allow the machine to record the crop yield as the machine is harvesting.


Hard to imagine how far this technology has come, but after making 500,000 combines you can bet John Deere will continue to push the envelope.

What was the first combine you rode in and drove??

The 1st combine I remember of riding in was our Gleaner L2, but actually do remember when our 1978 International 1440 combine was delivered.  I did run that combine solo and remember that to this day.

Check out this great video clip about the 55 combine.

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  1. Cool post. Sharing this. I know some folks who would want to see this

    Posted by cdmiller07 | November 7, 2013, 10:54 pm


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