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A New Coffee Shop, Twitter. Day 6/30 Ag Tech Talk Blog

When you think of farmers today, you wouldn’t think of them as being social media “savvy”.  But seriously that is just not the case.   Farmers over the past couple years have created a new coffee shop and it’s called Twitter.

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I joined Twitter (@TheChadColby) a few years ago after the advice of my wife @weedgirl24.   My wife had been using it to communicate with farmers from all over the US.  As farmers would post a crop problem, she offered help, as she is an independent agronomist here in the Midwest. She also learned critical information as to who had been planting, how much rain was in a certain area, and crop progress through the season.

Twitter has become a great resource, regardless of the topic.  In agriculture there are always lots of “tweets” about weather, markets, general crop issues, machinery, etc.   Another benefit is that Twitter is very helpful in closing the gap between producers and consumers.    Lots of education takes place on Twitter everyday between the two groups.

It seems on Twitter you have two types of users. 

  1. One is a very active user, which would be me I think.  Very engaging, always posting information.   Starting conversations about weather, market prices, yields or just sharing great farming photos.   Have a problem on the farm, or need help? Post it and an active user is most likely to reply to you.
  2. “Stalker” Don’t worry this is not a bad thing on Twitter.  Simply put these are people who join Twitter so they can follow along with a topic they are interested in.  From following your favorite driver’s comments on Nascar to estimating average corn yields, you can find conversations on Twitter about it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.54.32 AMPerfect example is early this AM on Twitter, the Coffee Shop was busy.   Today we (@harmon03, @ScottFarmCo, @JerryHenning_Ag & I) were discussing the continued lower price of grain and how that will effect the price of land.  Best part is we are talking about an issue that we all face, even though we are from IL, IA & IN.   This 10 minute conversation was all at approximately 5 am central time.

Over time, you begin to “know” your Twitter followers and truly it’s a friendship.   You look forward to seeing how they are doing.  I have even met several of my Twitter friends in person.   So I must say @weedgirl24 you were right, I do like Twitter.

Honestly I would take this advice, just TRY IT.  If you have a smart phone or tablet, down load the Twitter app and join in the fun!    Even better yet, follow me @TheChadColby or my wife @weedgirl24 we would be happy to help connect you to the new Coffee Shop!  #AgChat is a a forum held ever Tuesday night from 7-9 pm central time with varying agriculture topics that are up for discussion. If you are curious, search #AgChat and see what the discussions are all about.

Also I would like to thank @ScottFarmCo @harmon03 @JerryHenning_Ag for the informative discussion.   Never did get my two eggs, over easy w/ bacon & wheat toast though, lol.


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Added 1/14/2014 ~ Article in Farmers Hot Line

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