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Do you like Apples?? Day 3/30, Ag Tech Talk Blog

Do you like Apples??   Of course, I mean Apple computer systems.  Growing up I got started like most others on Windows based computer systems.  If fact I even worked at  Zearing Computer Tech (Princeton IL) in the “off season” season on the farm.  The experience really taught me a lot about the technical side of computers.  I helped build and support computer systems for local customers in the area.   Oh and opening later this  month in the old Zearing Computer Tech shop is the family’s new adventure, Flour House Bakery.  Check it out, it’s located on the North end of Main Street in Princeton IL.

Yes, I would say I have always been a heavy computer user.  But my 1st Apple product was the original iPhone.  I was working as a project manager for my uncle’s aircraft hangar company in CA.  The hangar project I was building was in Lake Havasu, AZ and I remember driving 80 miles to get my NEW iPhone!  It was a HUGE step from my Motorola Razors and I instantly liked it like everyone else.   I have used an iphone ever since & alway get the latest model.   Must admit I did look at the New Samsung phone before my iPhone 5s, but there was no way I was going to switch.   Oh I should add, I’ve never broke one either, well so far.

  • Original iPhone  January 2008
  • iPhone 3G           June 2009
  • iPhone 4              June 2010
  • iPhone 4s            October 2011
  • iPhone 5              Sept 2012
  • iPhone 5s            Sept 2013

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My first Apple computer was in 2008 when I bought my first MacBook.  Yes they did cost more, but I needed performance for video editing and my Gateway notebook just could not cut it.  In fact I am using that MacBook right now!   Yes it’s showing it’s age, but works and I can honestly say I’ve never had any problems with it.  Not sure how much longer it will used, but I sure got my monies out this one.   And it has NEVER had a “blue” screen either, lol.

More Apples?  I have bought two desk top machines in the last couple years.  Finally bought a 21″ iMac for my video editing at Cross Implement and really liked it.   It goes went with the dual screen high performance PC windows based system that I used for John Deere systems (and still do).   The second system I bought was in January of 2013 when I bought a second iMac, 27″ with all the goodies.   Gosh what a computer system, it works amazing and I find myself using it more and more.   Karen has my other system on her desk, she’s getting used to it.

So why Apple? What makes them work so well?   Simply said, my experience will tell you that the actual Windows platform is a good system.  But the Windows based system depends on other vendors products.  This can cause compatibility problems in which an outside manufacturer’s software does not sync perfectly with the Windows operating system.  Apple platforms are very stable, mainly due because there are relatively few hardware variations among Macs.  Also Apple systems are more of a “closed” system as Apple makes all their own hardware.

You always buy a computer system based on the mission you have for that system.  That is always the case, regardless if you use a PC or Mac system.  I use my 27″ iMac for all my video/photo editing and could see myself needing more powerful system as my needs expand.  And my first choice will be Apple solution, well right now anyway.

Later today Karen and I will visit the Naperville IL Apple store to pick up my New iPad Air.  Don’t worry, more Apple talk to follow.

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