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30 days of #AgTechTalk

Nov is the 30 days of #AgTechTalk

Happy to join Holly Spangler’s 30 Days blogging event… I’ll be going with #AgTechTalk for my theme.

Growing up I always known two things just ask my friends, I have always had a great passion for agriculture & technology.  After some “coaching” from my friend Max Armstrong, I’ve decided to share these passions. Coming soon, you will see a segment on This Week in Agribusiness, called “Ag Tech Talk” which we will feature a topic that farmers are facing. We plan to follow-up here with more details about the segments we share on the program.

Couldn’t be more excited about this, as daily I work with central IL farmers at Cross Implement in Minier IL and I hear all the issues facing growers today.  No questions technology in agriculture is changing at an all time record pace, are you keeping up??   Need some help??  What to learn the latest??

I want to thank my wonderful wife Karen Corrigan @weedgirl24 & our daughter Bristol, for the support 🙂

So welcome to this site, we sure hope you enjoy it!


Chad Colby      Twitter @TheChadColby 

AKA “Drone Boy” per Max Armstrong ☺ @maxarmstrong


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