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In the late 50’s the Farmall 560 tractor was the “big guy” in the fields, priced around $6000 w/ 60ish hp. To even think of how are we’ve come in 50 yrs it’s hard to imagine the next 50.

This Farmall 560 (click on link for restoration details) in the photo is special, as it was our family tractor. Like many projects, this was rebuilt in 2012 to honor my late father Dan Colby.  We’ve added some modern paint and few little things to make it special, even a little chrome.   It sure is great to take it out on tractor drives, as it brings back memories of me on that tractor when I was a growing up.

Compare that to the John Deere 8260R parked behind it and there isn’t much to compare.  At a price tag over $200,000 and w/ 260hp that John Deere is the latest and greatest row crop tractor technology on the market today.   Complete with all the “tech” goodies,  yes it has auto steer but it even has a full telematics system (JDLINK) to allow the farmer and local John Deere to monitor tractor performance and efficiency via cell phone.

As I enter my early 40’s in age, it’s truly been amazing to witness 1st hand the technology in my life time, cant wait to see what happens next.   Oh how I wonder if Bristol will want to drive dad’s ol’ 560 to school 15yrs from now on the FFA drive your tractor to school day?

So I ask you this question, what do think tractors will be like just 20 yrs from now???  Electric powered, smaller unmanned machines, your thoughts??

Farmall restoration honors father, leaves legacy, article about Farmal 560 project by Jeannine Otto.

Learn more about the latest John Deere row crop tractors in this short video clip.

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